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AKPERSON ¹ — abstracts authenticated human domain space agents and the capitation SKUs which are an omnibus entitlement for services provided in my domains. 工 prices, e.g. token capitation below, show current fiat fx. Any 3rd party charges² are known at Point of Sale.

tx-authentication distinguishes users of domain space by whatever accountability the financial system has. This, open books, and sole trader/developer ownership, distinguish our network services and products.

¹ Actually Known, i.e. tx-identified by in-app tx. ² Typically 15% a standard for finders fees/carrying charges and any applicable taxes.

GA³ Service Levels

³ generally available, distinguished from purpose specific entitlements such as for developers or operators.

Token Capitation

One tenth of 2nd class establishing tx-authentication and base entitlement for 30 days with a discount for quarterly for low income individuals.

Second Class

2nd class is what most non-low income users are expected to select. Entry via social registration or app download and later in-app payment of a capitation rate enables the selected entitlement. 60 day entitlement at 10X token monthly with 25% discount.

First Class

1st class is 100X the token capitation for 90 days. Until 4722, a 50% discount will be offered for annual. Omnibus end user entitlement targeting those that can afford premium capitation level.

Third Class

Machine agents or anonymous humans who have passed a challenge or are implied to be human in a real time context.

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