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From Cibernética Americana

For the second act of this animal life, whose overture I assign to the selection of a personal name different from that given me at birth, c. 2006, I¹ have, (see discussion for more detail) chosen the Chinese name:

in which the second character can be pronounced as is sometimes my given birth name and 仁 as 性. 仁 may be replaced by 任 in deference to Chinese surname conventions and while SFAIK, 仁 人 卷 is unique, it is also probably sounds gender disphoric for speakers of some Chinese langs, as I was born and identify as cis-male.


The first scene of Act II would be the final of some 39 years of professional wage labor. Longer since first programming but more like 35 since I really started to have chops due to first professional job being all analysis and design in a classic waterfall DoD process, and a timeout in 82/83 before the Burroughs experience. Probably didn have my 10K concentrated hours of paid mastery till the late eighties. A closure and turn is the overture to scene two.

As 人 卷, a 13 yo at this point, have moved to Real™ name as preferred new nick either RenJuan or RenRenJuan, but the below are exceptions.

Mecha Identities

副 驾 驶 links the domains IRC network. Automated personæ that may also be running in external ones:

  • JuanDaugherty
  • Normally mecha me. Has the prolog nature. Will use this live as needed in external networks.

  • Patternmaster
  • Silent outside #commonlisp on the DS IRC where it has the lisp nature.

  • WorldControl
  • Based on Colossus/Guardian from The Forbin project, has the haskell nature and the voice of global domain space.

PGP Signature: 60011024 Juan Daugherty (Ren Ren-Juan) <>


Amenhotep IV and Nefertiti

¹ XE DOB: Dec. 29, 1953 Chicago, IL, USA as Juan Edwin Daugherty, 公元 assigned DOB First day of 4706 (1/29/2006).