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Design Intent

Explicit Design Goals

    • Provide a megamodule construct (Wiederhold, Wegner, Ceri, CACM 35 11 Nov 1992) with practical facilities now available
    • Expose an Apache ISIS servant API using best of hackage java pkgs such as inline-java, java-bridge, etc.
    • GADT Framework for subsumption of drf, drupal, mediawiki, and wordpress relational schemes
    • «DCP» inspired by the physical unit (Burroughs Data Communications Preprocessor (also Data Control Unit and Data Comm Processor) not the later same acronymed AI/ES here) using the distributed-process family of haskell modules on MCP nodes.
    • An Ansible/Django/Python based system to support MCP deployment and low level admin.
    • Reuse of (nearly) unmodified existing CMS, specifically PHPCMS (Drupal, WordPress, mediawiki), and ecore.
  • A role in the Large Systems Revival relative to MCP analogous to these original Burroughs subsystems: DMSII, possibly CANDE and NDLII/NAU.
  • Mature apps are developed as literate artifacts in the WFL book metaphor.
  • Early apps can start life, enter production in discrete subject CMSes (e.g. sameboats, tl:dr[n], poo domain ), the admin server in django/mezzanine), migrate into the larger context as the driving case of development of our enterprise.

Explicit Non Goals

  • Work other than access controls on these CMSes: any other cms, explicitly ecore, which is preserved for my privilege level.
  • Commercialization or use by others in any proximal stage of development, although it will be available and distributed with MCP.


Where D can be domain(s), distributed, dominion, just D, etc., as different aspects of the generalization are considered.

Early Précis

DCMS is, as indicated in the older material below, a generalization of CMS. In this I have in mind a certain aesthetic which is hard to convey but one can refer to examples in historical systems. First is the AS/400 architecture in which the entire user filespace could be accessed as a relational store. The generic quality of apps in the MCP systems is a less clear but similar example. DCMS provides the reasoning support for finer level names than the domain name and is an umbrella term for all the support I provide for that.

DCMS - Domain Content Management System.

Is a design concept of ai-integration.biz generalizing anything that could reasonably be construed to be a CMS:

  • A framework in which arbitrary NixOS packages can form an integral aii.biz domain application.
  • A designation or namestyle by which the derivations used in WFL/DCP are distinguised from their original distributions. In this, the form DCMS-<contentSpecifier> is used where the convention is that <contentSpecifier> will be one or two latin characters if a generic category of actual CMSes is being modeled, or a name if a specific one is.
    Example: DCMS-W would be the category of wiki CMSes but DCMS-wiki would be the mediawiki derivation ("EG") which you are working with now.
  • DCMS-X is the special abstraction of DCMS realized in WFL/DCP as a dominion level subject, a concrete implementation of the LAMP abstraction based on our NixOS packages.


DCMS was originally intended to be implemented as the set of packages integrated by DCMS-X over DMS III, but the later is more approriate to another of my projects.

First notion of this